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The Bela vineyard

83 hectares of our own vineyards divided into two areas: Villalba de Duero and Moradillo de Roa.

While the Villalba vineyard produces strong wines with a rustic touch, the Moradillo grape offers greater complexity and finesse.
Bela vineyards
Bela vineyards

Villalba de Duero vineyard

74 hectares of our own vineyards, most of which are Tempranillo and over 25 years old, situated at an altitude of over 820 metres above sea level in the municipality of Villalba de Duero.

Our Villalba vineyard stands out for its gentle, undulating terrain.

The soil has two distinct parts: the first type features sandy loam textures (aromatic wines) and is rich in sand-sized particles with a good distribution of coarse and fine particles, which provides good aeration and drainage. The other type comprises clay loam soil (rich and structured wines). Both types have an average depth of one metre and a medium level of carbonates and are poor in organic matter.

All this endows our wines with a combination of highly complex nuances.

Villalba de Duero vineyards, Burgos
Villalba de Duero vineyards, Burgos
Harvest at Bela. Villalba de Duero, Burgos

Moradillo de Roa vineyard

Moradillo de Roa estate vineyards are over 20 years old and comprise several individual plots grouped into 5 areas covering a total of 9 hectares. The “Blancares”, “El Charco”, “Presas”, “Estepar”, and “Pozuelo Pico” vineyards spanning nine hectares are situated 1000 metres above sea level on stony soils with a continental climate.

These terrace vineyards are composed of gravel, silt, and sandy loam soil.

The soils are of variable depth with a medium-high level of limestone.

The surface is covered with pebbles, which promotes ripening in an area of such extreme altitude and climate.

Moradillo de Roa vineyards, Burgos
Moradillo de Roa vineyards, Burgos