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To get to know Bela is to walk through its vineyards, tour the aromatic garden, discover the secrets of its winemaking process, feel the heart of the spectacular barrel room and, of course, taste its wines.


Get to know our activities

Primordial Bela

- Tour of the vineyard
- Visit to the winemaking and barrel room
- Tasting 2 wines: Bela, Bela Gran Vino de Rueda and Arano, accompanied by Iberian cured meats and local cheeses.

Duration: 1h 15minutes
Price: 20€/pax and 10€/children (6 to 17 years old)

Lunch at Bela

Adult Menu
-Blood sausage of Aranda
-Toast of octopus and tomato
Wine: Bela Gran Vino de Rueda
Starters to choose
-Lentils with duck or potatoes stewed with codfish
Wine: Bela Roble
Choice of main course
-Veal cheeks with roast potatoes or Cod with ratatouille
Wine: Arano
-Puff pastry cake
-Coffe, bread and water

Children's Menú
-Iberian ham croquettes
-1/2 ham and bacon pizza on torta bread

Adult price: 65€. Includes visit Bela Primordial with tasting of 3 wines, appetizer and lunch
Price por children: 25€. Includes Bela Primordial visti with appetizer and lunch.

*These prices include VAT
*Minimum group of 6 people
*Reservations by appointment
*You must tell us by e-mail if any of the guest has any food intolerance in order to propose alternatives
*To book the activity you must provide a credit card number and expiration dat. Payment will be made at the winery, this information is only a guarantee
*Cancellation policy: Up to 48 hours before the activity you can modify or cancel the reservation. After that time you will have to pay the winery 100% of the reservation


Route through the wetlands "El Carrascal"

-Walk between vineyard and mountain, arrival to the wetlands and bird watching.
-Tasting of Finca Vallejo Rueda wine accompanied by an aperitif.
-Return to the winery
-Visit to the different winemaking halls, barrel room and tasting of 3 wines, Bela Gran Vino de Rueda, Bela Roble and Arano, accompanied by Iberian sausages and cheese.

Duration: 3h
Time: 10:00h
Price adult: 40€
Price child : 25€ (from 6 to 17 years old)
Minimum group: 4 people
Availability: Monday to Sunday
Book in advance
You can extend your experience by booking a lunch at the winery. Check our prices

Sunsets in Bela

-Welcome with Finca Vallejo Rueda wine tasting
-Tour of the vineyard
-Tour of the different productions halls, barrel room and tasting of 3 wines Bela Gran Vino de Rueda, Bela Roble and Arano in the garden of the winery, accompanied by an appetizer of potato omelette, iberian sausages and local cheeses.

Duration: 1h45min
Time: 19:00h
Price adult: 30€
Price child :15€
Availability: Saturdays (other days to consult)
Previus reservation

Grape havervest workshop at bela winery

We are at the peak of the winery and we want to share with you this fascinating experience, so we have created an activity for the whole family.
Come visit us and get to know our philosophy, the way we work, learn about the different varieties we grow and taste our wines.
-When is the date?
October 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th.

How long will it last?
From 10:45h to 18:00h

Adults: 85 €
Child: 55€ (from 6 to 17 years old)

The activity includes:
Hand picking and tasting of the different grape varieties in the vineyard.
On the field, witness the entry and destemming of the grapes (morning or afternoon, depending on the activity of the winery).
Aperitif consisting of potato omelette, Iberian sausages and cheeses accompanied by our Finca Vallejo Rueda.

Visit to the different winemaking halls, barrel room and tasting of 2 red wines, Bela Roble and Arano.

Lunch on the terrace of the winery.

.Paseo por el viñedo y monte, llegada a los humedales y avistamiento de aves.
.Degustación de vino blanco Bela Gran Vino de Rueda acompañado de diferentes frutas.
.Regreso a la bodega y fin de la actividad

*Estos precios llevan el Iva incluído.
*Reservas con cita previa
*Deberá indicarnos por e-mail si alguno de los comensales tiene alguna intolerancia alimenticia para proponerle otras alternativas.
*Para reservar la actividad deberá proporcionarnos un Nº de tarjeta de crédito y caducidad de la misma. El pago se realizará en la bodega, estos datos son sólo un medio de garantía.
*Política de Cancelación: Hasta 48h antes se puede modificar ó cancelar la reserva. Pasado ese plazo tendrá que abonar a la bodega el 100% de la reserva.
*Bodega Bela se reserva el derecho a suspender el evento por condiciones de fuerza mayor o climatológicas hasta 72h antes y con devolución del 100% del importe total de la actividad.

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