Bela Rosé

Bela rosé is made with Tempranillo grapes from our own vineyards located in Villalba de Duero. The vines are more than 25 years old, located at 820 m above sea level, in the coolest area of the estate.

The soil has two different parts: one part is of sandy loam textures, rich in sand-sized particles, which characterize these soils as well aerated, draining. The other part is of clay-loam textures, both with an average depth of around one meter, poor in organic matter with a medium carbonate level.

The winemaking process for this rosé wine is by bleeding, after first having carried out a 4-hour cold maceration of the must, with the skins to obtain the desired color. The alcoholic fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks for 15 days at 14ºC, with selected yeasts.

Bela rosé is a fresh, floral and balsamic wine. The aromas of red fruits such as cherry stand out. On the palate it is a tasty, round wine, with good acidity, which gives a long aftertaste.


Name of the Wine
Bela rosé
Region of Production
Ribera del Duero
Grape Variety
100% Tempranillo (tinta del país)


“Bela rosé is a fresh, floral and balsamic wine made with Tempranillo from our own vineyards in Villalba de Duero.”
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