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New Wine, Arano

05 Jul 2021

Bela launches a new wine, Arano 2019

With Arano we want to reflect our vineyard of Moradillos de Roa, form Ribera del Duero.

Years ago we bought a vine and a winery in Villalba. We had the raw material, but we wanted to do something different with it. We dedicated the time to study and characterises the vine of Villalba, rejecting what we did not like and classifying the plots.

From here we produced our first wine from Ribera , Bela. Subsequently, knowing better the region, and after having bought grapes from different agricultures form the region, we deicide to buy vines in Moradillo de Roa, vey close to the winery.

Vines of 25 years old, several plots gathered together in 5 parcels which sum up a total pf 9 hectares. From this vineyards we produce Arano.

If the vines of Villalba produce wines with potential and a slight touch of ruggedness, the grape from Moradillo have more complexity and finesse. The wines from here, probably have more ageing capacity and will improve with time. Arano spends more time in barrel, and the 2018 is the first vintage.

The Arano label is facsimile of one of CVNE´s label from 1910.

The stars represent the children of CVNE’s founder, Eusebio Real de Asúa, who was married to Sofia Arano. His brother Raimundo, the other founder, did not have any children. Each star represents one of the children: Sofia, Á. Minerva, and Ramón.

Arano is the maternal family name. Eusebio had one son called Ramón, and his mother’s surname was Arano. Therefore, the wine produced with our Moradillo grapes is a tribute to her.

We seek for refinement and finesse in our wines, hence the name has a female touch.

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